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Is the Huard v. Croyle Debate Still Relevant?

Or have we found better things to talk about?

Before the season started and through at least the third game of the season, the calls for Brodie Croyle were much louder than they are now. Have we accepted Damon Huard as our indefinite starter?

As much as I hate to admit it, we have to stick with Damon Huard for the time being. He's earned the job, is playing well enough and has developed a rapport with our receivers and Tony Gonzalez. The Chiefs are currently tied for first place in the AFC West and are certainly threatening to make a run at a divisional playoff spot. Sure, we'll get destroyed in the playoffs. We have to try though. As Herm says, you play to win the game. The 2007 season is not in the tank by any means.

This isn't a strong endorsement for Huard. This is more like a "You don't change horses in mid-stream" mentality. At some point, ideally this season, we do need to see what Brodie Croyle brings to an NFL game. The Chiefs' 2008 draft will provide the team an opportunity to begin filling some major holes. At some point, not necessarily right now, we need to find out if QB is one of those holes.

Enjoy every game Damon. The Chiefs are looking ahead to the future at quarterback. They're not ready to experiment just yet.

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