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Priest Holmes to Begin Practicing with the Team

Hat tip to Arrowhead Addict for the story.

As the week 6 non-football injury list deadline passes, Priest Holmes will begin practicing this week, according to I don't think this will happen but Herm Edwards says not to rule out Priest for this weekend's game against Oakland.

"We talk about where he's at, how he's doing, what we're thinking. We've communicated. He knows what I expect and I know where he's at right now. When I talked to him last week, he wanted to know if this (current week) was the week. I said, 'Is it?' He said, 'Yeah.' So I said, 'Let's go."'
With Michael Bennett being traded to the Bucs late last night, many are speculating that this means that a healthy Priest Holmes return is inevitable. I don't necessarily believe that. Holmes has not practiced with the team yet so, as far as hard facts go, we don't know what he's going to look like. And frankly, Michael Bennett was not cutting it for the Chiefs. He's gotten relatively few carries this year and didn't show much when he was given the ball. The Chiefs made a great deal with a desperate football team in the Bucs and I don't think that Priest Holmes tied into that decision much at all. If anything, the Bennett trade is indication that the Chiefs are satisfied with first year running back Kolby Smith.

I know I'm hard on Priest Holmes around here and most of you seem to be in agreement with me (those of you that don't make up five user names and talk to yourself anyway). But, as I've said before, I would welcome a healthy Priest Holmes back into the fold at anytime. Until he plays a down of NFL football, I can't help but think his comeback motivations are monetarily based. It seems that a comeback may actually happen though over the next four weeks, which is the window that the Chiefs have to either activate Holmes or have him sit the rest of the year.

Priest, please prove me wrong. We could use a veteran running back presence after Larry Johnson's seemingly uncontrollable outburts this season. Even if Priest has gone a little nutty, the Chiefs have to make some type of move to inject life into a listless running game. Since we can't sign four new offensive linemen this week, Priest may have to do.

The controversy surrounding Priest Holmes' comeback has centered around whether or not he's actually healthy enough to play professional football. We'll find out tomorrow when he takes the practice field.

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