Yep. We still hate you Shannon Sharpe.

Oh, Shannon, Shannon. Tony Gonzalez breaks your all-time touchdown mark and you give us yet another reason to hate you. After Tony Gonzalez broke your record (and extended the record later in the game) you pulled a typical horse-faced Elway move and said, "Yeah, but how many playoff wins does he have?" Really Shannon? I was worried for a second that you had gained some tact and class but luckily you reminded us why we hate you and your exact twin.

Let's take a look at Sharpe and TG's careers.

First, how many games did it take each player to get to 62 touchdowns? Shannon did it in 203 and TG did it in 164. Still talking, Shannon? You played 3 more years than TG has so far! By that time, he will obliterate any record you are even close to (or any other TE record for that matter).  

You gained over 1,100 yards once in your career.  Tony has gone over 1,200 twice.  You gained over 900 yards 4 times in your career.  Tony has already gone over 900 on 6 separate occasions (and is on pace to do so this year).  

You never scored 11 TDs in one season. Tony has.  Tony has missed 2 games in his career.  It's way too early in the morning so I'm not even going to count all the games you've missed (but it's a LOT more).  You never caught 100 balls in a season. Hmm, do you think TG has?  Yep.

Quick comparison of career statistics for you and Tony.  In 203 games you had 815 receptions, 10,060 yards for a 12.3 YPC and 62 touchdowns.  Gonzalez, in 164 games has 759 receptions for 9,150 yards to make a 12.1 YPC along with 64 touchdowns.

The only difference between you two is that you had horse-faced Elway throwing you passes throughout the majority of your career. It's still a mystery to us how that used car salesman ever won any games.  Tony, on the other hand, had the carousel that is the Kansas City Chiefs quarterbacks throughout his career.  Throughout Tony's career, he had multiple, non Hall of Fame QBs throwing his way and remained the only constant on a team that completely changed its identity in 5 years.  Now, don't get me wrong Shannon.  You won Super Bowls and playoff games.  Something Tony hasn't.  But this isn't an attack on your respective teams.  This is an attack on you.  When compared to Tony, you are not in his class!  He's three seasons behind you in terms of years played, yet he is right behind (or ahead) of you in all major statistical categories.  

The only thing you have going for you is that you're not the worst announcer on TV right now, but only because that distinction belongs to a man that is as disloyal as you.  Why do I say disloyal?  Well, you left a team you had been with for 10 years to join a Super Bowl contender for two years!  Are you kidding me?  Show some class and stick with the organization that won you two Super Bowls.  Tony had the chance to go elsewhere last off-season but chose to stay home.  So, go back to the horse shed Shannon, learn a little bit of English and show some class.  

Congratulations, Tony, for becoming the all-time greatest tight end in professional football history.

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