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Larry Johnson Has Every Right to Be Angry

Wouldn't you be?

Kansas City Chiefs RB Larry Johnson is known for dishing out hits on would-be tacklers each Sunday. Pop sensation Nick Lachey has garnered the reputation of creating Grammy-nominated hits in the recording studio. However, neither of these superstars forgets the hits children are vulnerable to on the Internet. That's because both Johnson and Lachey know the dangers that lurk online and the importance of protecting children from them. As a result, Sunday's AFC battle between the Cincinnati Bengals and the Chiefs will feature LJ's Legacy & Growth Youth Foundation teaming up with Lachey and INOBTR (I Know Better), Missouri's public awareness initiative, to help keep children safe online.
I'd be livid if I had to spend any time with Nick Lachey. The guy is from Cincinnati, roots for the Bengals..and USC? Talk about riding a bandwagon. Actually I take the whole thing back. If anyone can help LJ relate to career trouble, its Nick Lachey.

Note: Is everyone busy? Is this not as funny as I thought in my head it was? I'm going to go ahead and assume everyone is working diligently this Monday morning...

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