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Damon Huard Really is as Boring as He Sounds

My creative juices aren't really flowing this morning (Probably because the alcoholic juices flowed too much last night) so I went to the trusty reservoir of cheap posts known as the interview section of I've always thought that Damon Huard sounded pretty boring in the Chiefs press conferences but I never imagined his real life was this boring:

My hobbies and leisure activities include:

playing with my daughter, golf, fishing, fitness, make my own cd's, watching the dow and nasdaq

Watching the dow and nasdaq? Sweet Jesus. Even if that is one of your favorite hobbies, I wouldn't mention it in a player interview. Same goes for making your own cds. Did we time warp back to 1997? Who am I kidding? I was so into making mix CDs when my Dad got our first CD burner.

Enough funny business. Here's an open thread to get us through this Friday.

What five Chiefs players would you get rid of first? My list, in no particular order:

Chris Terry
Samie Parker
Will Svitek
Kyle Turley
Kendrell Bell

Here is the roster to get you started.

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