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Morning Update (She Said She Was 18 Edition)

  • Arrowhead Addict's latest includes the Top 10 reasons why the Bungles Blow. There are some great ones in there.

  • A few Bengal injury updates for you this morning. RT Willie Anderson is out and RB Rudi Johnson is questionable. Tamba Hali is going to eat up their backup right tackle.

  • The 2006 Mr. Irrelevant, WR Kevin McMahan, was added to the Chiefs' practice squad yesterday and for life of me I can't figure out who we dropped. Coffee here I come...Note: I came to. Recently signed CB Demario Minter was let go.

  • Do you remember when you could have Samuel L. Jackson call somebody and yell at them about Snakes on a Plane? Now Chad Johnson is doing the same thing. I'm sure my brother loved getting that call at 6 AM this morning. Click on Trash Talk to begin sending the message.

  • Stats, stats, and more stats. Football Outsiders updates their weekly collection of statistics.

  • I know I'm probably in the minority here but I always loved Terrell Owen's antics.

  •, who asked me to answer a few questions for them, gets nasty with their trash talk on the Chiefs. I'd formally respond but I think living in Cincinnati is punishment enough. Did you know that one of Cincinnati's nicknames is Porkopolis? And that Jerry Springer was their mayor in the late 1970s? Talk about a cultural cesspool.
The injuries for the Bengals keep piling up this week, which is odd because they just got off of a bye week. I can't imagine between all of the arrests that the team is able to condition much. You get arrested once and that's at least multiple trips to the courthouse, right? Or you could have Chris Henry sit in for you. I think he's got some time over the next few weeks in between sleeping with high school girls and the drugs. Yep. Chris Henry loves his drugs. Can't get enough of them.

It's Game Time.

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