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Boomer Grigsby Finally Ready to Play

Its been harped on here and other places that the Chiefs desperately need a true fullback to compliment Larry Johnson. Linebacker turned fullback Boomer Grigsby is finally ready to play.

Q: You said that you needed a hammer-head fullback. Is there a chance you could just throw Boomer [Grigsby] out there to see what he could do? To get experience wouldn’t he have to get it in a game? Wouldn’t you want to see it?

EDWARDS: "Sunday. Sunday. He’ll make a grand appearance. He’ll play. Exactly what you’re saying."

Who Dey Fans asked me if I could pick any player to fight a Bengals player in a cage match, who would I choose? In a submission match, I chose Tamba Hali because of his Ultimate Fighting training. To win by escaping the cage, I chose Boomer Grigsby. The guy is just nuts on the field and he has the high-energy attitude the Chiefs need on offense.

He isn't the answer to the running game's woes. But he's a start.

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