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Watching Chargers Fans Panic

I love this. The fans of the best team in the AFC West last year are panicking. Big time. A few select quotes from the official Chargers message board.

On trading Michael Turner...

Insurance for LT is nice, but its seems a bit of a luxury now after witnessing several weeks of bolt-carnage. Might one of those suitors simply have parted with a 1st round pick? AJ shot for the stars, asking for two high picks, so Turner stayed.

Think about it. We have highly talented, highly coveted football player who rarely plays. Wasteful? I think so, given the state of our receivers, secondary, o-line, and inside linebackers. Mr. Bowe was drafted at 23 i think. He would have looked rather fetching in lightning bolts, don't you think?

On chanting "Marty" yesterday...
Just saw it on channel 7, Nick Hardwick said it was a joke we were chanting Marty, he said "what is this, the Jets fans" Philips says "Norv doesn't play one down of football, he is our coach, we have to make the plays. The fans chants were uncalled for"

That's right guys, rip the people that pay your salary. I paid $2,300 for my tickets alone this year and if I see a **** product on the field, your damn right I am going to boo.


On the season so far...
I can honestly say that I a ashamed to be a charger fan rite now. This is a disaster. I prolly will never wear my jersey much anytie soon.
Chiefs fans may be pessimistic at times but at least after a loss we're not talking about the team leaving town.
When I see how bad the Chargers are playing I wonder if it isn't some sort of set up for the Chargers to leave town while the Chargers fan base in San Diego is disgusted with what they are seeing on the field. If they're winning, then the leaving for another city is painful, like a betrayal, but if the Chargers are losing , the Chargers leaving would be less painful because they would be leaving as losers. Who want em?. See what I mean ? This losing streak may have a lot more to do with the Chargers being set up to play for another city, than it actually has to do with winning on the field. And in the meantime, we, as fans, get caught up in the Why hire Norv Turner debate, or Rivers sucks debate, Or LT has lost a step debate, all the time missing the real point.And that point is that we're being played.
Damn this win feels good. Walking around, sipping on my coffee, whistling "Da na...da na... da na....da da da da da HEY! Da da da da da HEY!...

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