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Keep Doubting the Kansas City Chiefs

Twenty four unanswered points against the Chargers in San Diego? Who are the 2007 Kansas City Chiefs? I'm still trying to figure that one out. Are we the team that only put up three points against the Houston Texans? Or are we the defensive beast that was able to garner enough offense to take down the Chargers yesterday? I'm leaning towards the latter. Thanks to the greatest rookie WR the Chiefs have ever had, the offense was able to rally behind the LSU kid to put up twenty three on their own. Whether or not we're a good team yet, this is fun. And can we please get just a little respect from the national media? We've earned it this time.

The Offense

As much as Herm Edwards joked about having Larry Johnson on a counter for his carries at the beginning of the season, it seems like they're doing that for Damn Huard. His pass attempts for each game this season go 33, 28, 29 and 29. Not going to spend much time on Damon. He's lived to play another week, although he didn't do it that convincingly. Huard ended up 17/29 for 284 yard, two touchdowns and two INTs. Standard Damon Huard, save the interceptions.

Larry Johnson finally broke the 100 yard barrier this game, bolstered by a fourth quarter thirty seven yard run to seal the game. He's still not looking like the Larry of old but hopefully this is a confidence builder for him and the offensive line. We're still not getting a great push from the line, considering that most of LJ's runs consisted of a few yards of pushing by LJ and then him falling forward for a few extra yards. Larry ended up rushing twenty five times for 123 yards and still no touchdowns for the season.

What can I say about Dwayne Bowe that hasn't already been said? Eight receptions for 164 yards and a touchdown assure him another NFL rookie of the week award. Bowe has 299 yards receiving on eighteen receptions and three touchdowns on the season. He is fantastic after the catch and catches virtually everything thrown to him. He is the engine of this offense and makes the Kansas City offense fun to watch.

The offensive line is still doing pretty well in pass protection but lacking in run blocking. The Chiefs line only gave up two sacks, which I'm sure if you had asked fans before if that would acceptable they would have surely agreed. Shawne Merriman (I thought the lights out dance was done?) had eight tackles and one sack but never emerged as the force I feared he would be.

The Chiefs scored three times in the 3rd quarter and if I'm not mistaken, the 3rd quarter has been the most productive for the Chiefs this season. Half time adjustments, especially the last two games, seem to be working. The Chiefs passing game is actually opening up the running game if you can believe it. LJ's 4th quarter run was almost assuredly the result of the success of the passing game. There weren't any Chargers players in the 10-20 yard range after the line of scrimmage.

So far, our offensive strategy seems to be in the first half try to establish the run and in the second half just pass it. In fact, at the beginning of the second quarter, the Chiefs had a drive that consisted entirely of LJ running the ball to set up a Dave Rayner field goal. Granted that followed a SD turnover that gave the Chiefs the ball on the SD 22 but still.

As the season goes on, we'll define the Chiefs offense more. Because for now, we really only have two solid halves where I would say the coaching staff gave the players a chance to win the game by calling the correct plays. Huard is doing his best not to screw up too much and the Chiefs offense is getting the ball in the hands of its play makers, Bowe and Gonzalez. The Chiefs offense reminds of those play ground games where for some damn reason you just couldn't stop the other team. You know you're better than them but they just have a way about them that creates plays. The offense isn't dominating by any means but the Chiefs don't need that. We have a great defense to limit the other team's offensive production. Yesterday, it was again our defense that kept us in the game.

Offensive Player of the Game: Dwayne Bowe

The Defense

This defense is absolutely fantastic. In fact, we're currently #4 overall in yards allowed on defense.

Ty Law played his best game of the year, intercepting Philip Rivers with 4:31 left in the first half and making a few other standout plays.

Derrick. Johnson. One forced fumble. One INT. Both plays led directly to touchdowns. Oh, he threw in a sack for good measure. He is our best defensive player right now.

Jarrad Page has made me a believer in him again. After criticizing his tackling ability, Page makes eight tackles and hit the Chargers backup RB Michael Turner in the second quarter to cause a fumble which Page recovered. With 3:46 left in the game and the Chargers threatening on the Chiefs five yard line, Rivers lofts a pass Chargers WR Booger Davis in the corner of the end zone, which Page promptly tipped away at the last second. Page is turning out to be a fantastic draft pick for Herm Edwards. Big Play Page? We'll see if it sticks.

Lights out you roided freak. Lights out.

The defensive line let LT run all over the Chiefs in the first half. LT went over 100 yards rushing in the first half but only managed six rushes in the second half. After Tryon Brackenridge returned the Derrick Johnson forced fumble, the Chargers were forced to throw and it did not go well. Here's something interesting via TKC. This picture certainly seems to suggest that Brackenridge dropped the ball before he crossed the goal line. No worries. Just tell that rookie to run through the end zone next time.

Do not underestimate this Chiefs defense. We've held four distinctly different offenses to 20 points, 20 points, 10 points and 16 points.

Defense is back en vogue in Kansas City. And I love it.

Defensive Player of the Game: Derrick Johnson

Special Teams

Justin who? Someone with a MySpace account tell Medlock Dave Rayner took his job and the Chiefs aren't looking back. Three for three on field goals and none of them were in question. Rayner is just money. Great pick up by the Chiefs.

As I watched Dante Hall return a punt 85 yards for the Rams only score this weekend, I got a twinge of wanting him back. If only because our current kick returner Eddie Drummond looks like he's trying really hard but doesn't really go anywhere. Part of that is special teams blocking of course. Drummond showed us against the Vikings that he can do well if he has holes to run through. But who doesn't do well when they have holes?


Yesterday's game made me so excited to be a Chiefs fan. That was one of the the best road wins in recent memory. The defense is becoming downright dominant. The offense, at least the last two games, has been able to get it going in the second half to score enough points to win. As the Chiefs sit at 2-2 and tied for first place in the division, this season just became about a million times more interesting.

I feel like I could write forever on yesterday's game so I'll cut it "short" here. So exciting to be a Chiefs fan right now.


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