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Chiefs Try Out a Few Players

Its a beautiful day in the neighbo...wait, I'm homeless and out of work.

The Chiefs tried out WR Charles Rogers, former Titans LB Rocky Calmus, and former Steelers QB Omar Jacobs yesterady. Rogers was the 2003 #2 overall pick out of Michigan State, where his quarterback was Jeff Smoker, who was briefly on the Kansas City Chiefs squad this past preseason for the Houston Texans game.

Rogers' career so far has been characterized by injuries and NFL substance abuse violations. The Lions cut him last preseason, citing the fact that he just didn't fit well with the team. Although I know little about Rogers, he seems to be a less talented TO/Randy Moss type. Definitely a guy who got musoned.

I know nothing about Rocky Calmus and Omar Jacobs beyond what Wikipedia tells us. If you do, throw your two cents in.

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