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Biggest Disappointment #2 - Lawrence Tynes

When you're in Kansas City, there are a few things you don't do. You don't try to pull any BS about how Memphis BBQ or North Carolina BBQ is the best in the world. You don't ask if we all live on a farm. And you NEVER, NEVER give the citizens of this great city a reason to EVER, EVER think of Lin Elliot EVER AGAIN.

You see, Lawrence Tynes is a decent kicker. When he lined up for field goals this season, I felt pretty damn good about him making anything 45 yards or less. He had many fantastic kicks this season and there is no real statistical reason to have him on this list anywhere. But his 26 yard miss in the playoff game against Indy was so horribly heartbreaking. I immediately flashed back to Lin Elliot's three missed field goals on January 7th, 1996. And that game was against who else but Indianapolis. Fortunately for Tynes, the Chiefs lost by more than a field goal in 2007, as opposed to 1996 game which ended up with Indy winning 10 to 7.

After 1996 (and the departure of Nick Lowery), you have to understand that in Kansas City we don't ask much out of our kickers. Make the field goals you're supposed to make. Make your longer attempts at least come close to the uprights. And above all, whatever the situation, just don't look like a completely inept NFL player.

Is it fair for Tynes for pay for the mistakes of a NFL kicker turned Texas real estate agent? No it is not. But when you miss a chip shot field goal, against Indianapolis, in the playoffs, you are part of a larger entity in Kansas City called the Ultimate Disappointment.

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