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Where Are They Now? - JJ Birden

Kind of creepy this is about the only photo on the web of him. (Photo source here)

[editor's note, by Chris] Since the off season is upon us and we'll need many a topic to carry us through it, I decided to start a new feature on AP where we highlight a forgotten, old or just plain random Chief player to see where they are now. This process will consist of me (or anybody else that wants to) simply googling a player that comes to mind and see what comes up. Enjoy.

Today's player is JJ Birden. Birden was a WR for the Chiefs from 1990-1994 and while he had some fantastic catches if I recall correctly, he was certainly never a #1 WR. We get this from Wikipedia:

Currently lives in Oregon with wife,Raina. Two sons, LJ and Dante, and daughter, Camille.

Two sons named LJ and Dante? You have to be kidding me. Is this a crazy coincidence or is JJ still that crazy for the Chiefs?

It also looks like Birden owns a fitness company:

Based in Norcross, Ga., ProSpot Fitness was founded in 1998, after several years of product development and testing. ProSpot Fitness is co-owned by NFL player Travis Hall of the Atlanta Falcons and former Atlanta Falcon J. J. Birden.

So, to sum up the first "Where are they now?", JJ Birden lives in Oregon and owns a fitness company with another NFL player. Boring I know but trust me, they'll get better.

It's Game Time.

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