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Biggest Disappointment #3 - Ty Law

You're right, Coach. Ten interceptions last year was too many. I'll tone it down. (Photo via Lawrence -Journal)

Oh the hype. The talent. The skill. The wonder that is Ty Law. Brings you back to right before training camp, doesn't it? With Ty Law, we're Super Bowl contenders, right?

I'll be honest with you here since what I've said is easily accessible via the search function to the right. I bought into the Ty Law hype. Did I think Ty Law made us Super Bowl bound? No. Did I think he was a fantastic addition to a weak defense? Of course. Its difficult to argue against the talent of a player who had 10 interceptions in the previous season.

In his first season with the Chiefs, Ty Law had 4 INTs, 1 sack and 61 tackles. To Law's credit, the 61 tackles was the second highest total of his career. But its difficult to forget the various slips and big missed tackles he had, especially in the Pittsburgh game. Really what it comes down to and why Ty Law is on this list at #3 is that he didn't have any big plays. Take a look at the link above to see his career stats and you'll notice that in the vast majority of his seasons, he had at least one (sometimes two) long INT returns for TDs. Game changing plays. Think Champ Bailey last year in the playoffs.

It would have been impossible for Ty Law to live up to the hype that surrounded his debut as a Kansas City Chief. But he's on this list because, for the most part, he wasn't much better than Patrick Surtain.  

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