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Biggest Disappointment #4 - Dante Hall

Where have you gone, Dante Hall? (Photo via Union-Tribune)

Dante Hall is an unfortunate player to have to put on this list, after he's given Chiefs' fans some fantastic moments in his career. But guess what? Its not 2003 anymore and opposing teams are not afraid of Dante Hall.

2006 was a pretty horrible year for Dante. He had his fewest return attempts (punt and kickoff) since 2001, his lowest kickoff return average (22.8) since 2001 and in case you didn't notice he only put up one return TD this season. If you look at his career stats, you see his numbers in almost all categories go up from his first season in 2000, peak around 2003/2004 and are now steadily dropping off. I know it isn't fair to place a lot of this blame squarely on Dante Hall but he still has to rank as one of the most disappointing players this season.

Lets forget stats for a moment and say what everyone is thinking: Dante Hall has become a joke in Kansas City. After being mentioned as a possible MVP candidate midway through the 2003 season, Hall's returns now have Chiefs' fans yelling, "Just run FORWARD dammit!!!" I am not proud to admit that every time Dante touched the ball this year, I was satisfied if all he did do was run forward. The dodging, the ducking, the reversing field makes him look like some backyard amateur who wants a TD everytime instead of doing what he's supposed to do- set the offense up with good field position.

Will we ever see the Dante of old? Most definitely not. The glory days of Dante's unheralded skill and the skill of the Chiefs' special teams are long, long gone. And I hate to say it but if he is going to have more unproductive seasons at special teams, why the hell is Dante Hall even on this team?

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