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Biggest Disappointment #5 - Kyle Turley

You need to work to call it dirty work. (Photo source from

Kyle Turley, formerly of the Saints and Rams, had the unenviable position of attempting to replace Willie Roaf at left tackle for the Kansas City Chiefs. In preseason, I wasn't yelling from the rooftops that Kyle Turley was going to be a fabulous LT. I figured he would be part of the emergency surgery O-line that it looked like the Chiefs were going to have. They just needed to keep all of the pieces together long enough to get through 60 minutes of football.

Alas, Turley ended up being a bust. His previous back problems became a recurring problem and he only saw action in 7 games this season. I never realized how ineffective Turley really was until I searched the website here for his name. What comes up? A whole bunch of pre-game injury reports.

I'm calling Turley a disappointment not because of his high expectations- there weren't any- but because he attempted to fill a high profile Chiefs' position and couldn't even make it out of the gate.

Kyle Turley is No Willie Roaf [Arrowhead Pride]

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