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Kansas City Chiefs No. 2 in Fan Loyalty

From BizJournals:

The study set out to identify the NFL's best fans. Not the ones who turn out in strong numbers for a winning team, but the ones who stay loyal even if their team is losing, the weather is frightful or their local market is small.

Cleveland fans earned first place by routinely packing their 73,000-seat stadium despite the dismal play of the Browns -- who have won only 36 of 112 games since 1999 -- and a climate that is among the coldest in the league.

Kansas City and Philadelphia received high marks for consistently drawing capacity crowds in both good seasons and bad. K.C. has averaged 77,300 fans per game since 1996, while Philly has filled 99.8 percent of available seats. Both figures rank second in the NFL over the 10-year span.

And last place is no surprise either:
At the bottom of the overall fan loyalty rankings are the Oakland Raiders, whose average attendance is second-worst in the NFL since 1996, even though they play in one of the league's largest, most affluent markets.
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