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From the Diaries

From thedude925.

Anyone else a little bit miffed we got ranked #20?

Im pretty sure we are a team that can contend for the AFC West title, and at the least a wild card spot. Of course the Chargers are a "chic" pick again, like they are every year. I'm sorry though, no team coached by Marty will be winning big anytime soon.

Some of the picks are quite incredulous and reflect a lot of the "bandwagon hopping" that goes on preseason every year. The "experts" always have three or four "hot teams" that should breakout this year, but they always turn out to be marginal at best. A recent example would be the love affair with the Lions a few years back, and the Texans as well.

This year its the Dolphins and the Ravens. Of course, no one wants to remember that we finished 10-6 in the toughest division in football as well as playing the toughest NFC division. Not to mention that we also play the weakest NFC division this year. Balls to the experts. They can suck it picking the colts patriots and panthers year in and year out.

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