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Jared Allen Refuses Breathalyzer; Charged with DUI

According to the Kansas City Star, Chiefs defensive end Jared Allen was pulled over earlier this week by Leawood cops and charged yesterday with driving under the influence (Photo source here).  

And from the Kansas City Star today, we grab some more details:

Meier said police stopped Allen after a motorist called authorities to report a car that was weaving and had possibly crossed the center line. Officers spotted the vehicle, which was headed east on 135th Street, at Nall Avenue and stopped it at Roe Avenue.On May 11, Allen was arrested at 5:37 a.m. at 135th Street and U.S. 69 in Overland Park, records show. He was charged with driving under the influence of alcohol and speeding."
In what seems to be NFL tradition, Allen will start Sunday and more than likely not sure any disciplinary action unless he is convicted. Remember, this is Allen's second DUI in a year.

Why didn't Jared Allen just grab an area high school kid who could have told him NOT to speed in Kansas AND could tell him where the cops sit? Too bad and more to come on this later. Allen seems to have a rough and tumble attitude, which is totally fine, but not when it steps over the line. In the meantime, until I finish some laundry and get something to eat, write up your own diary and make sure you've created an account for Arrowhead Pride.

Hat tip to the Fanhouse for the story.

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