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ESPN Dismisses Jason Whitlock

Last week, Jason Whitlock officially left his duties at ESPN's Page 2.  On the way out, he made some harsh remarks about fellow ESPN columnists. Today, we find out from Whitlock himself that Jason will no longer be associated with ESPN in anyway.  No more Sports Reporters and no more Pardon the Interruption.  In the man's own words:

James Cohen, an executive at the network [ESPN], called me Monday and asked me whether the comments attributed to me in the interview were true. When I said "yes," he informed me that I could no longer appear on ESPN television shows and that my November appearances on "Pardon the Interruption" would be canceled.

Jason Whitlock knew what he was doing when he made those comments about Scoop Jackson and Mike Lupica.  I believe he intentionally burned that bridge, just for controversy's sake.  He didn't tell us the "truth" in his Big Lead interview.  He simply made ad hominem attacks on Lupica and Jackson.

If Whitlock had avoided the insults and stuck to legit criticisms, he would have come off more like an unsatisfied employee rather than someone who runs their just run their mouth.

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