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The Kansas City Chiefs are in a Transition Period

As the Chiefs sit at 0 and 2, with a bye week ahead and a poor San Francisco team in Week 4, its become clear to me that the team is struggling to find its identity. For the last 4 years, the Chiefs have ranked at or near the top of the league in most offensive categories.  If our defense was even a bit decent in 2003, we could be talking Super Bowl.  

But thats in the past now.  The Chiefs' defense has improved remarkably in the first two games of the season.  Despite two losses, the D looks damn good.

And there's the catch.  Switching, from what it seems like already, from an offensive powerhouse to a defensive oriented, conservative team is and will always be tough.  The Chiefs were known for putting up huge rushing stats, having the best special teams unit in the league and basically crushing teams on the O-line.  I have to say that those days are a thing of the past.  We are going to struggle to find our identity under Herm Edwards.  We already are.  

Perhaps this transition is needed though.  The defense had become so frustrating and undependable that it was really only fun to watch Chiefs' games when Trent, Priest or Dante were on the field.  We are and have needed to emphasis defense more.  I'm just not sure Herm Edwards is the guy yet.  We need to find moderation between the offense and defense.  Whatever Herm Edwards' philosophy is, we have weapons and we can't be afraid to use them.  

I know part of our timidness is stemming from the loss of Trent Green.  Lets not get one-dimensional here. The Chiefs need to string together at least two wins in a row, starting with San Francisco.  We are in a bit of a hole right now.  Teams that start 0 and 3 generally find it very tough to climb out.

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