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From the Diaries

From the Kansagonian:

#21 Frank Gore, 5-9, 215 lbs, is the featured running back for the San Francisco 49ers.  Gore is also ranked well, #4 in the NFL rankings for his position.  Larry Johnson will make it quite a battle a week from Sunday.  Larry is ranked lower at #7.  Larry  will want to make a statement here.  It will be a featured battle.

Most of this guy Frank Gore's yards come in the first half when he carries for up to 15 times. His stats get very respectable, close to 6yds per rush.  He falls off as the game goes on.  This will become key when our rush defense comes loaded for bear early in the game.

Kudos to Jared Allen for leading the team in tackles! You will see alot of Frank Gore coming around your way. Jared has compiled 13 tackles from the defensive line, a budding powerhouse line that totals 36, they are getting after it.

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