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Herm Edwards Talks about Trent Green

From the official KC Chiefs site (from yesterday's Q&A):

Q: What's Trent Green's status?

EDWARDS: "Right now he had to go take some tests today. He was around (last) Saturday and he might come in later in the week. We'll see where he's out."

Q: Are you getting the feeling that he might be out longer than you hoped?

EDWARDS: "I don't really know. For me, I don't try to anticipate when he's coming back because you emotionally get....and all of a sudden it doesn't happen. I think you just wait and when the doctors decide and he decides he can start moving around and start working out. That's one of the phases and then you go to where he can start practicing a little bit. That's another phase. It's going to be steps and they're his steps and on his time, not on my time. Whatever it takes. I had a good talk with him Saturday and said, `you have to make sure that when you come back you're ready to come back.' He wasn't ready Saturday to come back. No, no, no way. He couldn't have played Sunday, no way. It's going to be a process and whenever that time slot is it is."

Q: Are you out looking for another quarterback?

EDWARDS: "No, we're good. Damon got a lot of reps today and, quite frankly, if something happened to Damon in the game Brodie Croyle's going in there. He's got to play. I'm bullet proof when it comes to quarterbacks now. I've dealt with. I'm not in fear anymore. You live it, you go with it and you play. We gotta play good defense, get better on defense and do some things better on offense."

Nothing definitive on Trent Green's injury update. Edwards seems to be leaning towards a lengthy absence for Green.

It's Game Time.

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