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From the Diaries

Well, comment section anyway. From BrooksidePride:

The Chiefs could win 7 out of 9 down the stretch.

San Fran and Arizona are very winnable games.

At Pitt will most likely be a loss as we haven't played well there historically.

San Diego and Seattle are very tough but both at home.  Hopefully SD will cool down, while Seattle hasn't looked as tough as they were last year and of course have to cope with the super bowl hangover and madden curse.

At STL and Miami are should wins, especially the way MIA has played this year.

Oakland and Denver have been historically good games for the chiefs at home.

We have to hope that Baltimore slows down with the defense and beating Cleveland is a should/must win.

At SD could be chalked up to a loss while Oakland is another must win.

The way Jacksonville played last night looks like they will be a team to beat in the AFC.

Best case scenario for the Chiefs looks like 11-5 but 9-7 might be a bit more realistic.  The way the AFC south is shaping up, they might be the best division.  The chiefs best hope is that they all beat up on each other leaving them fatigued and ragged when they come to arrowhead.  With that division the wild card is looking less and less like a possibility.  Hopefully denver will continue to play ragged and SD will slow down.  Although LT is on my fantasy team, a nagging injury would sound great to the chiefs.  Pressuring a young QB like Rivers will cause him to make mistakes.  If our defense holds up we might be able to contain LT.  And with an ever growing QB controversy in Denver, their chances of putting something together and going on a roll are looking less likely.  While Plummer may not be the answer in Denver, a rookie QB historically won't be the answer either.  

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