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Robert Geathers to Be Fined for Trent Green Hit

Short and sweet:

A league spokesman says that defensive end Robert Geathers will be fined for his hit against Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Trent Green. The hit put Green in the hospital, and completely erased his memory of the collision.

Green was released from the hospital Tuesday and, according to ESPN, will miss at least two weeks.

There's no word on the specifics of the fine placed on Geathers, except that it will come down on Friday.

While I do not feel that the hit that caused Trent Green's concussion was by any means malicious, fining a football millionaire a few thousand dollars in order to protect others sounds about right to me.

Update [2006-9-13 13:8:11 by Chris]:

RE: On fine

However, Mort is reporting that there won't be fine. Good lord, kinda wish this was over... but I'm sure you guys wish more Green was ok -- as do I.

Blogger at Cincy Jungle

by Kirkendall on September 13th, 2006

Update [2006-9-13 13:47:58 by Chris]:

RE: initial report

WKRC, the link about the fine, was removed from their site. One of the sports guys on that station called into a radio station here and said they "jumped the gun" on that.

Blogger at Cincy Jungle

by Kirkendall on September 13th, 2006

Update [2006-9-13 16:39:57 by Chris]:'s blog reports that Robert Geathers will find out on Friday if he will be fined or not.

Hat tip yet again to Cincy Jungle

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