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Monday Morning Quarterback

Alright.  I've had a night to sleep on the game yesterday and I'm surprisingly less apprehensive about the future. In fact, I have decided that the sky is not falling (Photo source here). Trent Green, after being knocked unconscious by Robert Geathers, more than likely has a concussion.  He has the potential to come back in 3-5 weeks probably, keeping in mind that the Chiefs have a Bye in Week 3.  

Still, that hit was scary.  Despite being in slow motion replay, Trent's head snapped back pretty damn fast.  I'm still looking around for a video clip of that hit but I can't find it yet.  And the worst part of this all is the JINX put on the Chiefs by CBS when they showed Trent going down with his knee injury while he was a Ram.  Complete  Jinx.  But hey, we have to make Carson Palmer feel better right?

Take out Green's injury and you still don't even have a good looking game.  LJ lacked the explosiveness I'm used to. Samie Parker with multiple offensive holding calls against him. Dante Hall fumbling.

And here is the scariest part of all. Damon Huard.  He was COMPLETELY unprepared. Despite his pretty decent stats- 12/20, 140 yards and a TD- I do not feel much better. If you watched the game, Huard came in and fumbled 4 or 5 plays later.  He was tense, pushing the envelope with some of his passes and generally seemed to be running around with little idea of what he was supposed to do. Still, if he can put up the stats he did, without the turnovers, I will feel much better about Trent Green being out.

I'll hand it to the Cincinnati Bengals though.  They played a good game.  Carson Palmer looked good.  Rudi Johnson, as expected, had a good game. We held Chad Johnson to only 48 yards but I think that may have been more a product of the intense rain that began falling in Kansas City.

What am I taking away from this game?  The Kansas Chiefs did not looked prepared to play a high quality NFL team.  I hope Herm Edwards knows what he's doing.  We have a lot of work to do and now we're starting behind everyone else because the heart and soul of the team, Trent Green, won't be there for a bit.

Unless you're a Chiefs fan, you can't understand that Trent Green is the heartbeat of the Chiefs. He's consistent, never misses a start and is perceived by the city as being a great guy. He's always given 100%, no matter what the situation.  For now, we've lost our leader.  Hopefully it won't be for that long.

Finally, let me throw my hat in the ring for Brodie Croyle possibly playing next week. I don't think he will necessarily start but I think that the fans and the Chiefs themselves are secretly excited at the prospect of Croyle playing for a half or so.

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