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Morning Article Update

The Chiefs won't do much in the way of preparation for Saturday's game against the Texans. They won't prepare a game plan or do anything specifically designed to attack the Texans, as they would during the regular season. "We're just going to run the Kansas City Chiefs offense," offensive coordinator Mike Solari said. "We're going to work our schemes and evaluate our players."

Read the rest of the article here.
After his playing days, but before his coaching days, Herm Edwards used to be a scout at the professional level. After recently-acquired DT Shane Burton knocked down a QB Damon Huard pass attempt during the team pass segment, Edwards could be heard shouting, "I used to be a scout," to members of the Chiefs personnel department standing on the sidelines. One could only assume that Edwards must have told them Burton was known for batting down passes during his time under Edwards with the N.Y. Jets.
That was from yesterday's training camp.  Read about Day 12 of camp here.

The Northwest Arkansas Times says the Broncos will win the AFC West, with the Chiefs right behind them. No offense to Arkansas (actually I do mean to offend Arkansas), their reasons are weak. The Broncos may indeed win the West but they sure as hell aren't going to do it after losing Mike Anderson. Their running game really isn't that good. And please, can we stop saying that "Any back can do well in Denver's system"? How many years in a row are we going to keep saying this? Back to Arkansas. Their legacy of great football is enshrined in their NFL team great college football programs irrelevance as a state.

Some blind fan cheering going on here but I refuse to take weak arguments from such meaningless newspapers.

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