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Chiefs Get 5th QB

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Combine a Brodie Croyle shoulder injury, Damon Huard spraining his ankle/foot and Casey Printers takings hits like a model, what do you get? Backup QB Jeff Smoker in for the Texans game (photo courtesy of the AP).

How did this situation arise? Brodie Croyle is nursing a shoulder injury. In 2003, Croyle partially dislocated his non-throwing shoulder. Not sure if this shoulder injury is the same shoulder or related to the surgery he had to repair it. Actually, following his injury, Croyle was given the Derrick Thomas Community Service award for his charity work.

Damon Huard recently sprained his foot and Casey Printers took a hit in Tuesday morning's practice that caused him to miss the PM practice. Trent Green, for obvious reasons, won't play more than a few series on Saturday against the Texans.

Thats a pretty strong signal to Casey Printers. The Chiefs won't even allow Printers to go as a the main QB in a preseason game. Rumor has it he doesn't have a bit of accuracy downfield. Printers is still just a CFL fad. What I really want to know is what Jeff Smoker was doing when he got the call to come in for this game. What does an out of work QB do? Sit and wait? I'm personally asking Jeff Smoker to leave a comment or shoot us an email to let us know what the hell he does during the day. The only reason I'm even thinking this is because talking about Jeff Smoker just means its a sloooow Chiefs news day.

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Anyway...Smoker is only on for the preseason (or just this upcoming game) so there is really no reason to even talk about him. Lets let Wikipedia fill you in:

Smoker made the Rams' roster in his rookie year as the team's third quarterback. In his second year he was beaten out of that position by former Harvard University quarterback, Ryan Fitzpatrick and was cut from the Rams at the end of the 2005 preseason training camp. He spent the 2005 season on the club's practice squad and roster due to injuries to the Ram's starter, Marc Bulger and his back-up, Jamie Martin. He also spent a brief time on the Philadelphia Eagles' practice squad before being re-signed by the Rams. Due to the Rams' signing of former Miami Dolphins quarterback Gus Frerotte in the 2006 offseason, Smoker was cut from the Rams roster at the beginning of the 2006 training camp.

It's Game Time.

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