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In Case You Missed It....

There is a full slate of (sigh) preseason games on this week.


Cleveland at Philadelphia    7:30 pm
Indianapolis at St. Louis    8:00 pm


Denver at Detroit      7:30 pm
N.Y. Jets at Tampa Bay            7:30 pm
New England at Atlanta            8:00 pm
N.Y. Giants at Baltimore    8:00 pm
Chicago at San Francisco    10:00 pm


Pittsburgh at Arizona            4:00 pm
Buffalo at Carolina            7:30 pm
Jacksonville at Miami            7:30 pm
Kansas City at Houston            8:00 pm
New Orleans at Tennessee    8:00 pm
Dallas at Seattle            10:00 pm
Green Bay at San Diego            10:00 pm


Washington at Cincinnati    8:00 pm


Oakland at Minnesota            8:00 pm

It's Game Time.

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