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Interesting Records to Look Forward to This Season

Since we are technically in a "game week", lets do a quick rundown on some milestones that Chiefs players may or may not achieve this season.

Tony Gonzalez needs 7 TDs to become the all-time leader in TDs for a tight end.  This season, he has a chance to pass Redskin Jerry Smith, at 60 TDs, and Shannon Sharpe who has 62 all-time TDs.

Dante Hall is tied for the most career kickoff-return TDs at 6.  Dante only needs 1 more kickoff-return TD to pass Mel Gray, Ollie Matson, Gale Sayers and Travis Williams to claim the top spot for himself.

When you think Dante Hall you think kick returns, right?  Well check out this stat.  Hall needs at least 2,000 combined yards this season to become the FIRST player to garner at least 2,000 combined yards in five consecutive seasons.  Both Dante Hall and Marshall Faulk have 4 consecutive seasons of at least 2,000 combined yards.  Faulk did it from 1998 to 2001.  

Also, Hall only needs one more season (not necessarily consecutive) of at least 2,000 combined yards to become the first player in NFL history to have 5 total seasons with that much yardage.  He would pass Eric Dickerson, Marshall Faulk, Brian Mitchell and Walter Payton.  All have 4 seasons with at least 2,000 combined yards.  

[editor's note, by Chris] If you want more KC Sports records, head over to Royals Review and see how the Royals death watch is going.

Update [2006-8-7 21:45:0 by Chris]: Also, the Chiefs signed defensive tackle Shane Burton, a journeyman formerly of the Dolphins, Bears, Jets and Panthers.

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