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Priest Holmes Done for First Six Games

(Sun photo by Jerry Jackson)

As expected, Priest Holmes will not play in the first six games of the season, due to being on the physically unable to play list (PUP). And due to the fact that Shawn Merriman crushed Holmes' neck last year in Week 8.

This is not a surprise.  I believe Priest Holmes' career to be over, regardless of whether or not he thinks it is.  Larry Johnson is it. There is no more fight for the starting runningback position.  Holmes is obviously more injured than he is letting on because he hasn't let on much and hasn't even practiced this year.

Today we may not officially be allowed to say goodbye to Priest Holmes but its like a bad breakup we all know is coming.  We will do what we can to put it off as long as possible but we all know its inevitable.

Check out the new poll today and let everyone else know why you think Priest Holmes is still sticking around. Money? Pride? Does he still believe he can come back and perform?

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