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Most Hated Player Poll

Despite not reaching 50 votes like I had hoped for, the poll results and timing are just too perfect to pass up now. Why is the timing perfect? Because John Elway came out at #1 in our poll and Sports Blog Nation just added its newest NFL blogger, The Sports Guru over at Mile High Report.

John Elway 53%
Lin Elliot 13%
Anybody who does the Mile High Salute 10%
Elvis Grbac 10%
Neil Smith 6%
Champ Bailey 3%
Peyton Manning 3%

As I was looking over these poll results, the winner was obvious without even having to look at the final numbers. What I didn't notice was that I subliminally had put a lot of Broncos players on there- Elway, Smith, Bailey and of course anybody who does the Mile High Salute.

Why do Chiefs fans hate John Elway? Heart-breaking losses for one. But take a look at the picture above. Its just ugly. He should have just sold cars his whole life with that mug. Some mentally ill Broncos fan is having the thrill of their life, having Elway sign their jersey and grabbing a picture of him doing it. The cold void in Elway's chest tells him to just sign and stay on the cell phone.

Elway: "We need to get all of last year's F-150s off the lot TODAY!"

I will admit I was less hateful when Elway finally won his two Super Bowls because he did indeed deserve it. Anybody who plays in Kansas City's division their whole career deserves anything they're still alive to receive. Still, my brother will literally turn off the TV when Elway comes on, choosing instead to watch black space until the commercial or appearance is over.

And Elway has horse Bronco teeth.

The second place winner is no surprise either. What has Lin Elliot been up to since his demise during the Colts v. Chiefs divisional playoff game on January 7, 1996? No idea. Not even Google has any info on him. He missed three field goals in a 10 to 7 loss. 3 points. 3 missed field goals. Divisional playoff. Nothing left to say.

[editor's note, by Chris] I bet you didn't know that John Elway was actually drafted by the Kansas City Royals in the late 1970s.

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