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Brodie Croyle and Others to See Action this Week

(Photo courtesy of Larry W. Smith and Getty Images).

Q: You're going to get some guys back to play this week. Are you excited about seeing some of them? Does (Brodie) Croyle have a chance to play some?

EDWARDS: "Yeah, and (Michael) Bennett and Tamba (Hali) which is good. Lenny (Walls), too. Maybe even Brian (Waters), but we'll see where he's at. It's good to get some of those guys back and especially some of those young guys 'cause we haven't seen them yet. We want to see Brodie and it's kind of important to see him play this week and next week. That's kind of important and obviously Tamba has to get in the game because he hasn't been in a game yet. Neither has Lenny and that's going to help us. Those guys need to get a sense of having played in a game before the season starts."

From the official Chiefs site. This is what I've been waiting for. Checking out our backup runningback, our first-round draft pick and one of our star offensive linemen.

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