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Open Thread - KC Chiefs v. NY Giants - Preseason Game 2

As long as Eli Manning isn't drunk, I anticipate a pretty good first quarter/series from the Kansas City Chiefs and the New York Giants tonight (7 pm CT on Fox). I fully expect the other three quarters to be good as well- except the starters aren't in by then so the game doesn't really matter after that (Photo source here).

To be watching for tonight...I would have to first say Damon Huard. Huard just came back to practice on Monday after spraning his ankle last week. Even with a quick recovery, Huard may be a bit stiff. Still, he really is our only legit backup QB. Brodie Croyle is young and injury prone. Casey Printers...well what can we say about Casey Printers that hasn't already been said? Put down the Madden video games. We know you love to play as Michael Vick and go crazy with the X-Box 360 sticks but why do you have to play NFL football like a video game? Newsflash to CP: A QB needs to be able to throw well and you couldn't hit the broadside of a barn to save your modeling contract.

Enough of the daily Casey Printers bashing. Also to watch is Kyle Turley. And I know I've been saying that for the past few weeks but this week he lines up against Osi Umenyiora, one of the preeminent defensive ends in the league.

Drafted in 2002, Ryans Sims has been a complete bust in my opinion. We keep waiting for him to come around but...when are we going to stop waiting? Ever? This is the season to stop waiting. In Sims' four years of NFL play (43 total games), he has registered (ahem) 5 sacks and 60 tackles. You'd think with only 5 sacks that he would at least get lucky enough over 4 years to garner more than 5 sacks. But alas, it is not true.

Thats it for now. Keep up the diaries and keep this open thread going today. This whole Chiefs site thing is as much me as it is you. Oh, and if I see Eli "Peyton's Head is Much Bigger" Manning pull a successful bootleg on us, I think I am going to head up to Arrowhead and have a talk. This is getting ridiculous...

Chat away.

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