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Kansas City Chiefs v. NY Giants Preview

Tomorrow, on August 17th, the Kansas City Chiefs will play the New York Giants at Giants Stadium, at 7 pm (CT). The game will be televised nationally on Fox.

In the regular season series, the Giants lead the Chiefs 9-2, outscoring us 273 to 199 in those 11 games (Photo source here). In 2005, the Chiefs played the Giants in New York on December 17th, dropping to the other NY team 27-17.

Before Tiki Barber blew up for 220 yards rushing and two TDs in that game, the Chiefs had not allowed a 100 yard rusher in its previous 20 games. This game was all Tiki Barber. Anybody else having flashbacks to his run down the sideline last year, draped by Chiefs players who just could not tackle him?

It really was all about Tiki. Eli Manning, the Manning brother with the less significant forehead, was 17 of 32 for 186 yards. He also threw one TD and one pick. Last year's game against the Giants was one we really should have won. Trent threw one pick to go along with the game-sealing fumble by the Chiefs in the final minute. We allowed 14 points in the fourth quarter. LJ did his part- two TDs. Again, the defense let us down when we needed them the most.

Hopefully, that has changed this year. I am especially excited to watch Tamba Hali and Bernard Pollard, two rookies who, from what I can tell, are pretty damn close to being starters.

Also, will Herm Edwards please learn from what the Washington Redskins and Clinton Portis are going through right now? Portis is not an injury prone back yet he goes down in the preaseason. Its entirely possible he will not be 100% for Week 1 of the regular season.

We don't need Trent Green playing more than a couple series. We don't need LJ carrying the ball more than 5 or 6 times. I mention these two especially because if either one goes down, we are pretty much screwed. Michael Bennett and Damon Huard are not taking us to Miami on February 4th, 2007.

Prediction for the game? I'll go score only because its preseason- 20 to 10, with the Chiefs grabbing the win of course.

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