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Training Camp Day Four News

I have to throw this quote in from the official Chiefs site:

Q: What about Tamba Hali?

EDWARDS: "He had to go to New Jersey to be a citizen and get his papers. I think he'll be back tomorrow. I just told him congratulations and enjoy. It's great.

Tamba Hali, in the great tradition of the Nigerian Nightmare.

On to the news...

  • Herm Edwards seems to think that Damon Huard is almost definitely going to be the #2 guy behind Trent Green.  Huard took the majority of the snaps yesterday.
  • Lenny Walls and Brian Waters are essentially day to day, with hamstring and foot injuries respectively
  • No update on Priest Holmes' condition
  • Trent Green seems to be happy with new offensive coordinator Mike Solari's offensive scheme.  Apparently, it is quite similiar to last year's scheme, with few changes.
  • Third-year tight end Kris Wilson scorched the defense twice for TDs.
  • Ronnie Cruz popped new Chief Bernard Pollard on a block that left LJ wide open for a touchdown.  Hope to see that more often this year...

Not too much drama coming out of camp so far.  Just watching the left-tackle position, the draft picks and some of the veterans.

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