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Whitlock No Longer Optimistic About the Chiefs

Can the Chiefs still make the playoffs? Yes, they can sneak in as a wild card. But they're no longer a legitimate Super Bowl threat. Not unless Hali and Law turn Kansas City's defense into a real strength.
I'm disappointed and a bit worried too about the retirement of Willie Roaf, but not as cynical as Jason Whitlock is. While I in no way believe that the AFC West is a lock for the Chiefs, I think they deserve a little more respect than "they can sneak in as a wild card". I also think that Whitlock is underestimating the toughness of who could be the starting left tackle- Kyle Turley. Apparently, Turley is not looking too bad playing left tackle today in River Falls. Whitlock believes that "This is a total disaster", presumably refering to the slippery slope affect that this Roaf retirement apparently has. As Roaf retires, did we really lose a player who was holding the entire season together?

It's Game Time.

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