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The Chiefs Need Eddie Kennison

I've never really been a big Eddie Kennison fan.  No particular reason why.  Maybe its because he isn't the superstar that, if we had one, would make the Chiefs offense the greatest offense ever. Imagine a T.O. level talent surrounded by Trent Green, LJ and Tony Gonzalez.

With that said, the Chiefs desperately need Eddie Kennison right now. Looking back to 2005, Kennison had 68 receptions and 1102 yards. He also threw in a not too shabby 5 TDs.

Our next most productive recievers? Tony Gonzalez, Samie Parker and Dante Hall (the latter two have almost the same exact numbers). TG had another Pro-Bowl like season for a tight end-- 78 catches, 905 yards and an underperforming 2 TDs. Parker and Hall combined for 70 catches, 969 yards and 6 TDs.

I hate to say it but Kennison is right. Pay him to be what he is-- the Chiefs no. 1 receiver. Johnnie Morton, the no. 1 reciever when he was here, is gone. The Chiefs pay Kennison as if he's the no. 2 guy when, despite lacking Pro-Bowl numbers, the Chiefs desperately need his wideout skills.

It's Game Time.

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