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Ty Law: Most Exciting Pickup Since Joe Montana

I know that people in KC have to be sick of the Ty Law talk that floated around for the last few months but now that we have him, I have to say that Ty Law is the most exciting Chiefs pickup since Joe Montana.

Both Law and Montana came to the Chiefs in similar situations.  In 1993, it was established that the Chiefs had one of the preeminent defenses in the NFL but they lacked offensive firepower.  Thats how I grew up with the Chiefs-- the D was rock solid yet our QB always seemed shaky and the running back by committee was a sham.  

Then came Joe.  Suddenly, SI predicts a Chiefs-Packers Super Bowl.  We finally had an above average offense (with the addition of Marcus Allen of course) to go with our consistently stellar defense.  

The last five years or so saw a switch-- potent offense, horrible defense.  Now we have Ty Law, last year's INT leader.  The Chiefs only had 16 INTs all of last year to Law's 10.  For all the talk about him, Ty Law truly could be the superstar that not only performs on the field but improves the younger players around him. Like Montana should have been, Law could be that one missing piece of the puzzle that puts KC over the top.  

In 2006, Ty Law brings the same hope and excitement that KC felt when the Comeback Kid came on. If you're not excited, then talk to my brother who declared last Sunday Ty Law Day and threw on his Zubaz.

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