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Morning Article Update

NFL Division Titles May Be Soon Settled

San Diego gets the AFC West pennant with a win over Denver and a Kansas City loss or tie. If the Chargers and Broncos tie and the Chiefs fall to Baltimore, the Chargers also win the division.

NFL owners to provide $300M for new Meadowlands stadium
"It's absolutely important to have a world-class facility in the No. 1 market for the NFL," commissioner Roger Goodell said after the meeting. "In New York, there's a lot of competing facilities being built, and it's important for us to keep up with the other sports in the New York area."

Chiefs Coach Defends Clock Management
Kansas City's first-year coach has drawn fire from some fans and broadcasters for not using at least one of his three timeouts while Cleveland was driving late in the fourth quarter Sunday for the tying touchdown.

20, Tamba Hali, DE Chiefs 12 12 With 45 tackles and five sacks, the ex-Penn Stater has found a home.