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Playoff Hopes Up in the Air

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Its 6:30 AM on Monday right now and I am still having trouble fathoming how the Chiefs lost yesterday to the Browns. We had the game in hand for most of the day but decided to stop playing defense in the fourth quarter. This game was a MUST WIN and we didn't win it. Now, both the Denver Broncos and the Chiefs are tied with the Bengals at 7-5 for the remaining playoff spot.

Here are the final stats for the game. Despite Trent Green throwing 4 TDs and Larry Johnson and Eddie Kennison both going over 100 yards in their respective categories, the Chiefs could not get it done against a bad team with their backup QB in the game.

We have to find a name to describe this year's Chiefs. Something Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde (ish). Suggestions?

[editor's note, by Chris] Check out the live blogging done by tailgateandwin. She did a hell of a job commenting on the game.