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Edwards Says Trent Green is the Starter Next Year

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"I don't think we need to get in a panic after one season of a guy basically being knocked out for half the year, and then having to come back and play," Edwards said. "Yeah, he didn't have the stats that he had last year. Well, how can he? He missed a lot of games."

I know there were questions about Trent Green and his status with the Chiefs next year but it seems like this story came out of nowhere. I think I remember Dick Vermeil and Co. during the Sunday Night game mention something about it. That was the first I had ever really heard anyone mention Trent possibly not coming back next year or being the starter next year.

I understand that there are reasons for Trent not to be the starter next year- his age and this year's concussion make that difficult in itself. Still, we will probably be waiting throughout the off season to see what happens.