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Larry Johnson is Pissed Off

From Adam Teicher:

"We need to sit down and change something," Johnson said. "This is getting ridiculous. Everybody is saying, 'Oh, it's fine, it's OK.' I don't know who in their mind thinks this is OK. This is nothing that's OK. We need to change a lot of it. We need to sit down and change a lot. I'm getting tired of hearing that 'We'll get 'em next week' speech. We need to really start sitting down and knowing what we need to do to put points on the board and what we need to do to do win games.

"They need to fix it. I'm getting tired of this. It's tough running against a brick wall until you break it open, you know? You see other teams do different things; you see different teams react differently. Like I said, you don't have to bang your head against a brick wall hard enough to crack a hole in it. There are other ways of doing different things."

I am going to assume that LJ is talking about this particular season with his frustrations. I'm going to echo his sentiment over the last ten years or so. No playoff wins. No Super Bowls. We can't keep banging our heads against that wall.