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L.T. bolts through Chiefs

It was an electrifying run in a charged-up season. LaDainian Tomlinson turned a simple off-tackle play into an 85-yard touchdown run, carrying the San Diego Chargers to a 20-9 victory over the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday night.

Chiefs Need a Downfield Threat
As it's now officially a transition year for the Chiefs, the offseason begins this morning. The defense is clearly better, and will only improve with an infusion of talent, but the offense needs some major changes - especially in the receiving department.


NFL playoff picture Chargers 20, Chiefs ...

WHAT IT MEANS: The AFC West champion Chargers (12-2) won their eighth straight and kept the inside track to home-field advantage throughout the AFC playoffs. The Chiefs (7-7) had their wild-card chances severely damaged.

Well that sounds about right. Severely damaged. This has got to stop. The Chiefs cannot continue, year in and year out, to hold on to Week 15 or so and then crush our playoff hopes. What do we need? There are a lot of holes to fill but I have to agree with Nick Athan of Scout above and say we need to finally go after a #1 receiver.

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