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Shanny, Are You Really that Great?

Lets have some laughs at the expense of Denver Bronco's coach Mike Shanahan's official biography (Tip to Page 2):

When the success of a leader is achieved, and repeated, in an atmosphere of great pressure and expectations, that leader is elevated to elite status.  Mike Shanahan has done that, is universally regarded at the highest level by the football community, and there is no proof of merit like the record itself. gets better.
Every successful team has one key leader, and those organizations that have achieved the greatest success have an ultimate leader--an individual combining exceptional talent and organizational skills with the dynamic drive to lead others to success. One of the most brilliant minds in football, Executive Vice President of Football Operations and Head Coach Mike Shanahan is that lightning rod for the Denver Broncos' championship history, and few coaches in NFL annals have spearheaded as much dramatic achievement.

Use Microsoft Word's thesaurus much?
However, whether measured by record or tenure, he does not rest on his laurels, nor allow his team to, even though in the past 11 seasons his overall record of accomplishment has been unmatched. His accomplishments since taking command of the Broncos are far greater than most coaches have achieved in entire careers, yet Mike Shanahan does not live in the past but puts all his ample talents and energy into success for the present, thus stamping the 2006 Denver Broncos as a team to be reckoned with in the National Football League.

I really can't go on. Read the entire thing for yourself.