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Entering Week 10...Do We have a QB Controversy?

Yes we do. Damon Huard has played fantastic in Trent Green's absence, holding on to the number 2 quarterback rating. Huard is currently only behind Peyton Manning in the entire NFL in that stat. Huard has shown poise, a consistent game and he minimizes turnovers.

Let's get one thing straight here. I'm not saying that based on skills or leadership that Huard is better than Trent Green. All I'm saying is that you do not, I repeat, you do not take out the second highest rated passer in the NFL simply because you have a "better" starter coming back. No question about it, you stick with the man who is on the roll. And Huard is on a hell of a roll for a backup QB.

Could Trent Green come in and play better than Huard? It's possible. But in order to play better than Huard right now, Trent would have to play better than Peyton Manning. Do you see that happening? I don't. What we have here is a genuine, old fashioned QB controversy. The starter goes down and the backup ends up playing superb.

So, I'm going on record here as stating that Damon Huard (Yes, Damon Huard) should remain the Kansas City Chiefs starting QB until further notice. You don't change horses in mid-stream.

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