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Open Thread - Chiefs v. Rams


Where: Arrowhead Stadium, Kansas City, MO

When: Noon, Central Time

Trent Green will be in pads but will not play today. Still in the unpacking/moving process so I apologize for the lack of posts.


Here is a quick Q&A from Turf Show Times, our resident St. Louis Rams blog.

How much longer can the Ram's offense keep putting up great numbers, considering the age of your crucial recieving corp?

This season, that shouldn't be a problem. Soon, however, the Rams will have to accept the fact that Issac Bruce won't be around much longer. Still, Curtis and McDonald have enough talent, particularly Curtis, to be solid number two receivers.

What part of the Chiefs' game do you see the Rams possibly exploiting?

I think Haslett's propensity to rush can disrupt the Chiefs' weakened, Roaf-less offensive line. If the Rams D (not holding my breath) can get them into long passing situations, the rush can be effective and force some turnovers.

What part of the Ram's game do you see the Chiefs' possibly exploiting?

Our rushing defense is really, painfully weak. Not only did Tomlinson exploit it last week, some, uh, lesser talents like Green Bay's 12th string running back Noah Herron had career days on the ground. Larry Johnson could rack up some nice numbers. I'm sure his girlfriend's hoping he does at any rate.

How important is it to get Steven Jackson a lot of touches?

It's muy muy importante! Jackson's running game has opened the field more for Bulger, and the Rams finally have a coach who uses the running game frequently enough to make it matter. Jackson's style differs from a guy like LJ in that he's not as physical, but once he gets his speed up, he can be just as hard to stop. If the Rams had more of a 3rd down, first and inches kind of back their ground game would be much more effective. He's also given the Rams a threat on screen passes, since he's an excellent receiving back as well.

Do Ram's fans still wear Kurt Warner jerseys because:

A. They're trendy

B. They've been on clearance since 1999

C. Kurt Warner is the greatest QB in Ram's history

C and D. Unfortunately, we Midwesterners are suckers for those lame Horatio Alger tales, and the grocery clerk come NFL MVP wrote it's own marketing strategy. I don't know, part of it probably has to do with the fact that he drags his mom, er, wife with him everywhere. We just love the Tammy Faye Baker look!

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