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Priest Holmes Will Not Return in 2006

Throw this one into the pile of obvious news stories for today:

However, Chiefs general manager Carl Peterson said Tuesday that medical tests on Holmes have been encouraging and Holmes hopes to return for the 2007 season. Tuesday was the last day the Chiefs could have activated Holmes.

Newsflash to the media: Priest Holmes' career is over. Now, of course, I could be wrong on this but I seriously doubt it. Holmes has pulled a Howard Hughes and retreated from all things media and football related. Does anyone know where Priest actually is right now? Texas? KCMO? He sure as hell isn't by his teammates' sides. Priest Holmes' lack of support for his teammates unfortunately reinforces what we all know to be true but hate to think about: The fact that football is a business, first and foremost. Any high school or college football player, if they were injured for the season, would probably be on the sidelines each game. But, in the NFL, you realize that once that paycheck comes, nothing else matters. Not even the love of the game or supporting your teammates.

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