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Weighing QB Options

I certainly hope Trent Green makes it the rest of the season. Trent is coming back from a brutal, and I do mean brutal, concussion in Week 1. He has been medically cleared to play for this week against the Oakland Raiders. My question to you is: How long will Trent Green last? More than likely, he'll be back for the entire season but I can think of a few scenarios where will see Damon Huard again (Photo source from the AP).

Obviously, if Trent goes down again with an injury, we'll see Huard in at QB. I wish with every fiber of my being that this doesn't happen but Trent will be playing two games in four days. The Oakland Raider game this Sunday and then four days later on Thanksgiving against the Denver Broncos. This is the toughest start back for any returning quarterback, despite what everyone is saying about how easy the Oakland game is going to be. Those will be two hard hitting, rivalry games in four days. Four days. Think about that.

We could also see Huard back if Trent simply doesn't play well. Trent Green never missed a start for the Chiefs and coming back after 9 games, we are certain to see some rust. Especially considering Trent just started practicing a couple of weeks ago. This is the best case scenario of the "Trent can't play anymore" scenarios. Huard is a solid starter and a solid backup. In fact, Huard should still be in there now in my opinion.

These next two games are critical for the Kansas City Chiefs' season. We are in the toughest intra divisional fight I can remember in a long time and we need every inch, every yard and every point we can muster.

To sum up this ramble, I wish the best for Trent Green but if his skills aren't up to par yet, we have a great nuclear option in Damon Huard. One more thing. Are you finding it harder this year to talk trash on the Raiders? They are so awful that all of the great jokes have already been made- on the field by the Raiders that is.


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