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The View from the Other Side

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Since we don't have a Miami Dolphins blog up yet here at Sports Blog Nation, I figured I'd throw some Miami news and commentary your way. And don't forget, if you're new to the site, create an account. The account will let you post your own diaries (see the right side of this page) with whatever Chiefs info you want.

Miami Coach: Chiefs "Big Challenge"

When it comes to tackling Larry Johnson, defensive end Jason Taylor's plan is to grab whatever he can reach, wait for help and hope he doesn't get dragged too far.

Money is Motivation
Twenty-one players -- or 40 percent of the Dolphins roster -- will be playing for new contracts in the final eight games of the season.

Don't Be Fooled By These Chiefs
The Dolphins, like the Bills, are a bad football team. But they have a stout defense and, before last year, the Chiefs had not played well in Miami for what seemed like eons.

If the Chiefs have true playoff aspirations, they should crush the Dolphins.