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Responding to Criticism

Since the Chiefs blew out the 49ers on Sunday, I've been perusing various web sites and blogs and checking out their commentary.  The consensus outside of Chiefs' circles seems to be one of indifference.  Yes, it was only the 49ers.  Chiefs fans know this people.  Check out this comment from, the completely unbiased home of the Kansas City Chiefs, declares the Chiefs the front-runners for super bowl contention.

Meahwhile, posters at, the completely unbiased home of the Denver Broncos, are calling these claims a farce, claiming that "my grandma's blind dog could be the 49ers," and point out that, by proxy, since the Broncos defeated the Chiefs in week two, that the Broncos were also better than the 49ers and could be considered more "for real" than the Chiefs.

We will be sure to keep you updated on this situation as it develops.

Chiefs fans are excited because we routed an NFL team after coming off two losses. We are not talking Super Bowl. We are not saying the 2006 Kansas City Chiefs are the greatest team ever. We are simply saying that in spite of what has happened this season, Chiefs fans are still excited about their team.

People automatically assume that because this is a Kansas City Chiefs fan site, then we are blindly pro-Chief. This is obviously not the case. I have questioned Herm Edwards repeatedly (albeit quite early) and repeatedly questioned the ability of our offensive line. Was I excited about Damon Huard? Nope. Do I think the Chiefs were stupid for letting Tony Richardson go? Yes I do.

We will take the Kansas City Chiefs and the organization to task when necessary. But when the Chiefs put up 41 points and shutout another team, I think we've earned the right so far this season to be just a bit excited. All I have ever claimed this season is that the Chiefs will be right up there with the Broncos contending for the AFC West. Is this really such a remote possibility?

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